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<p>Fallen Tree Games has released its Silver Award-winning clock racer NOON on Android.</p><p>NOON first appeared on iOS back in November last year on iOS. It has you tapping clocks as their rapidly spinning hand hits noon to get a point. If you tap too early or too late it's Game Over.</p><p>Likewise, if you let the clock's hand spin around too many times without tapping it at all, the game comes to an end and your score is tallied.</p><p>It's ultra simple at first as you only have to contend with one clock. But, after a few seconds, the difficulty ramps up with another clock being added, then another, and then another.</p><p>All of these clock hands travel at different speeds so you really have to pay attention. Plus, sometimes the clock is spun around so that noon isn't at the top of the clock.</p>.

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