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Pocket Planes(MOD (Unlimited Coins) v4.8)

<p>Ever been spun round on the spot to the point that you can barely tell which direction you're looking in?</p><p>That seems to be what has happened to the knight in Go Home Dizzy. Poor sod.</p><p>It's your mission to help them travel home as they fight through what amounts to be a gauntlet of deadly skeletons. There are fireballs, swinging spears, and stabbing swords to avoid.</p><p>Armed with a blade and a shield, you'll need to spin the knight around (yes, even more) to attack and defend enemy fire from all directions.</p><p>While you're doing this, the screen will be chasing you upwards, so you're forced to constantly keep progressing.</p><p>The result is a lot of peril, panic, and probably lots of death. But hey, as you retry, at least you get to try out new weapons and costumes.</p>.

GAME NAME Pocket Planes

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com.sigmateam.Pocket Planes.free

My Virtual Boyfriend Free(MOD (Unlimited Money) v1.0.2):

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