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<p>Tapventures strips away most of the adventuring that we're accustom to in RPGs, and makes do with tapping.</p><p>You tap the screen to fight enemies. Then you tap some more. More still. Just keep tapping. Yep.</p><p>This repetitive task may seem a little shallow. Perhaps it is, but Tapventures uses the power of the unlock loop and incremental progression to keep you hooked.</p><p>As you defeat enemies, you earn yourself gold, which you can spend on devices that tap enemies for you. Then you earn some more and buy another. And so it goes.</p><p>If you keep going, eventually you won't have to do anything other than wait for time to pass. You can go about your day while steadily progressing through Tapventures.</p><p>You will have to move to other locations, and spend your money every now and then. But you get the satisfaction of doing hard work without actually doing any.</p><p>If you want to try it out you can download Tapventures on Android for free right now.</p>.

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