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<p>You are a giraffe. No, don't argue with me - you are a giraffe.</p><p>As such, when playing oh my giraffe, you need to use your long neck to stretch your little face up to eat the tasty fruit hanging from trees.</p><p>One problem: there are lions chasing you with hunger in their eyes.</p><p>This is the set-up for oh my giraffe, which is an entirely silly arcade action game on iOS and Android. It's fun in the way that only goofy games are.</p><p>It's played by pressing your finger on the fruits so that the giraffe reaches towards them and eats them. Eating fruits in succession builds up a combo and increases your score quicker.</p><p>The catch is that, to fend of the lions, you need to avoid eating fruits in order to chew through the vines that hold them up.</p>.

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